big kitchen island created from large pecan slabs and black epoxy with a matte finish
Custom Countertops

Choose from our large selection of live edge slabs to create your custom countertop. Whether it’s an all wood unit or a river table complete with epoxy, we’ll walk you through the design and help you decide the best option for your project. 

The story behind this featured piece is one to remember… from selecting the slabs to the epoxy pour to the finished piece, everything came together beautifully. Due to it’s gnarly nature, pecan is a difficult wood to finish but holds amazing color and grain pattern. Using epoxy tinted black made the pour just a bit simpler, yet we had to wait the week or so of cure time before flattening. After sanding and polishing we finished this countertop with a good coat of Rubio Monocoat, revealing the grain in all it’s glory.

custom table
Custom Tables

Our tables are built with attention to detail and a focus on quality. Utilizing wood we processed on site, we’ll build you a custom piece which will last generations.

Each build is meticulously crafted for our customer, ensuring you will absolutely love your piece.

image showing some finished slabs by the showroom at rustic roots warehouse
Live Edge Slabs

Sawmilling is where it all begins here at Rustic Roots Warehouse. Between our two different mills, we cut slabs of all shapes and sizes. From long cedars to chunky oaks, we maximize material by yielding as much as possible. Our selection of cedar, cherry, black walnut, poplar and maple is cut standard 2″ thick and ranges in widths from 10″ to 20″. We also store a supply of larger slabs up to 3.5″ thick, with some almost 3′ in width. 

All our slabs are stacked to dry for several months before kiln drying, a process that usually takes 1-3 weeks. With kiln-dried wood, the slabs are less likely to move and thus provide a higher quality material. We sell unfinished slabs at a species specific rate per board foot with the option to include planing.