Producing rough sawn lumber is a large part of what we offer here at Rustic Roots Warehouse. With cedar logs milled weekly, we have a constant supply of ready to use lumber. Other woods are stored in our tents where they air dry until ready to use. Browse our selection of slabs, one of a kind pieces, or ask about our custom sawmilling.

Prices: $1/ board foot

Accepting logs

minimum of 9ft

maximum of 18ft

Example: 2 Logs
12″ Diameter
12.5′ Length
= 100 board foot (approx.)

From log to lumber, we maximize production with minimal waste…

sawmill log

Milling scraps also available $75/bundle

Repurposing all lumber, each bundle finds use as raised beds, siding, craft projects, and more.

With our mill running on an almost daily basis, we frequently have multiple bundles available. 

These are large bundles, approx. 1500lbs each…you will need an open trailer to haul away.

Ask about our larger sawmill options. Cutting logs up to 6.5′ wide we can produce table ready slabs…

*Pricing will vary depending on size and difficulty of cuts.